“New media” that doesn’t currently exist

A new media that create a new social network application that allows you look around for people within your area. You have an option to chat with people with the same app. It allows you to social with people within 5 miles. You can also upload photos, videos and also update your current status. You can also send short words messages instead of typing like a Nextel.


What is file sharing? What is P2P File sharing? What are some examples of P2P file sharing?

File sharing is exchange information with others. Peer to peer file sharing is using software to connect in a network to search for shared files. Programs of P2P file sharing are Limewire, BitTorrent, KaZaa, uTorrent and more. According to the article “The BitTorrent Effect”, BitTorrent allows users to quickly upload and download enormous amounts of data and files. BitTorrent can download an episode in few minutes. Over 20 million people already downloaded the BT application. People don’t need to worry about missing an episode when they can just download and watch it anytime.

Discuss how the issues of privacy and confidentiality are related to new media.

Privacy is a person having control access over resources and share with others. Confidentiality is the process of protecting individual’s privacy. In the technology world, copying and sharing become so easy. New technology allows people to copy software and share with others.  Copying exam is just as easy as copy and paste. Sharing media online can be shared over 100,000 people in less than a minute.

Discuss how new media fosters creativity.

Music mash ups have been hit for a while. It is when many songs are put together to make one remix song. According to the article “The new math of mashups” Music mashups started in 2003. It allows people to use creativity to mix with different types and styles of songs.

What are different ways these virtual worlds can be used? What are the pros and cons? Be specific. How do virtual worlds foster creativity? What do you think the future of virtual worlds will look like?

Virtual worlds can be used to benefit people. People can use virtual world to make themselves feel relaxed and comfort. For instance, the article from CNN.com “iReport: ‘Naughty Auties’ battle autism with virtual interaction” say that people with autism can interact with other people without going outside their door. It is a great tool for them to meet people. Virtual world is their comfort zone.

Pros: People have space to show their creativity. People don’t have to be afraid to express their feelings. A lot of people feel more comfortable and safe in their virtual world.

Cons: An article “At hearing, Real and Virtual Worlds Collide” from Washington post questions virtual world is it safe for children in online world. It is possible that criminals use virtual worlds to launder or to steal money.

Foster creativity: Users create their unique characters in their virtual world. IT creates different types of games using reality place. Virtual world is the place where people express and share new ideas.

Future world: I think in the future, people can go anywhere they just by going to their virtual world. If a person wants to visit a different country, with just one click and you can see an overview of the place. 

Impression of Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and wordpress

All of these social networks have things in common. Users can post what they are currently doing on their status. Users can share what they are currently feeling. Pictures can also be shared. Anyone can read it as long as they are friends, followers and bloggers. All of the post can be put as private or public depending on the user. I think Facebook, Myspace and Twitter are easier to use than wordpress. 3 of them have a simple interface on the web. WordPress is a little bit more complicated to use as a beginner. Only twitter is limited on smaller amount of characters per tweet. Twitter makes people to be creative to summarize their thoughts in 140 characters. People in a faster pace environment would like to read things that are short and simple. Myspace has a better layout and look. Myspace gives me an impression of window 8 or Microsoft’s products. Facebook is different from others because Facebook has games that attract people. For instance, candy crush is one of their successful game. I have seen a lot of people play it. I have friends that beat the highest level of the game and have to wait for new updates for new levels.

What are some ways (corporate and otherwise) that these technologies can be used? What are the benefits of these technologies to society? Is there a “dark side”?

There are many ways that businesses can use technologies to benefits themselves. For instance, the article “Social Networking Technology Boosts Job Recruiting” says recruiters use social networking technology to find candidates for their hiring job position. I think it is a good thing because it can help narrow down the specific candidates that qualify for specific jobs. Therefore, businesses can save time on finding the right person. There are cons and pros for these kind of technologies. There would be no privacy for individuals. If people call me to say that they have went through my profile and have a perfect job position for me. It sounds good in one way but kind of freaky on the other hand. It is like being tracked down on every move you make. 

The article “Social networks are emerging as key tools for business innovation” shows how businesses take advantage of social media. Businesses use it to reduce their cost. With one click of a button, businesses can reach out to different types of consumers in just a second.

The dark sides i think are privacy and security. Everything we do online can be tracked. Even when we type our credit card number for a purchase, there are chance of you being hacked.